Sell My Home

Have you noticed the large amount of radio ads for big real estate companies offering to sell or buy your home?  It’s because the real estate market in the Valley is HOT!

What do I do differently?
First let’s talk about the marketing, specifically photography.
I see so many homes on the MLS with only 5 or 6 photos, and bad cell phone photos at that.
I take on average 200+ photos and use on average 45-60 of them.
Lighting, composition, attention to detail.  These are things that I think about while shooting.

Want to know more?  Find out what your home would sell for today?

Absolutely do not go online and click on a website claiming to know your home’s value!!!!
So many of these “real estate” sites are nothing more than media companies selling ad space to Realtors.  They aren’t in the business and they certainly don’t know the local market.
My duty to you is to sell your home for the most amount of money.

What do I do for marketing?
Of course your home will be featured on the MLS, as well as all the national sites that feed from the MLS.
Nothing there is unique or earth-shattering.
Most Realtors do that, but they stop there.
I also actively post your home to social media, that’s where the buyers are.